Brian Bowen, 82, passed away on September 30, 2022, following 4 months with an aggressive form of Lymphoma.
Brian was born in Staines, England, on Sept. 27, 1940, during an air raid in WW II. to Alfred and Nancy Bowen. He was raised in a Salvation Army background where he developed his love of music. When he became the bandmaster of his local Salvation Army Church at the age of 25. he combined his musical talents with his strong faith. He was a Fellow with Trinity School of Music in London and was an accomplished conductor and composer of British brass band music.
In 1986 Brian went back to his Salvation Army roots when he was asked to come to New York City in America to work in the Music Department there and conduct the Salvation Army New York Staff Band. He had the opportunity to conduct the band not only in America but in many countries throughout the world. He met his wife, Lois, in The Salvation Army church in Montclair NJ and they were married in 1988.
In 1992 He started his freelance career in music editing for Schott Publisher in London, Oxford
University Press, Schirmer Inc, Kjos Publishers, The Salvation Army Music Dept in Chicago and more.

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