Howard Davies was born to Salvationist parents on the 12th of November1940. From the very startof his life, Howard  grew up in a musical environment He began studying the violin at the age of seven and in 1959 he achieved his A.MUS.A (Violin - performing (source: The Golden Pen - Steef Klepke Decesed)

Howard Davies entered the Melbourne S.A. Training College in 1964. Served forty years as an Officer in varied appointments, mainly corps, but also at IHQ Music Editorial Department and a member of the ISB from 1973 to 1976. Served at the Melbourne Training College followed by Headquarters appointments in both the NZ and Australian Southern Territories.

He is sometimes looked at as a Tunesmith .  A tunesmith is, by definition, one who composes melodies or songs. Howard Davies is such an individual, having written dozens of songs (melody and lyrics) foe The Salvation Army over the years. This overture takes a handful of his most popular melodies and turns them into a Broadway-style feature, providing fresh settings of these Howard Davies classics: Not if I owned the world, Tell all the people, God’s still the one, The good Lord brought him through, The wonder of his grace and On the way to Heaven.

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